Little Liechtenstein

Although we only spent 2 days in the tiny country of Liechtenstein we thought that it deserved a blog all to itself.  With an area of 160 square km and a population of 37,000 it is the 4th smallest country in Europe, and it is a beautiful little place.

We arrived in Vaduz, the capital, on a rainy day so had a look around the town.  Modern art sculptures and old buildings make it an interesting city to explore.  We crossed the river through an old covered bridge and stood in Switzerland for a few minutes before heading back.


In the morning we decided to hike part of the famous Three Sisters route.  I did not realize that the path took us along the sheer edge of the mountain, on a path that seemed only fit for the chamois we saw leaping along with ease.  It was terrifying for me, Luke loved every minute of it.  They say facing your fears helps you overcome them, I’m not convinced of this.  But the hike was amazing, I will admit that, and although it clouded over later in the day we still got some pretty amazing views.

We also checked out the little town of Balzer, which has a very impressive cathedral and castle.  We walked up the little hill through a vineyard, eating cherries off the trees, to the castle.

We probably could have spent more time in Liechtenstein, but actually we saw a lot of the tiny country in the 2 days we were there.



3 thoughts on “Little Liechtenstein

  1. It’s always a pleasure to see your images and read your reflections! And I couldn’t help but smile as I thought of the challenges (and also blessings) of living “close to the edge” with those Three Sisters! 😉

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