Beach hopping until the end.

Mark and I spent a few days in Mangalore before setting off north up the coast heading for our final destination of Goa. After a 60km ride we came to the temple town of Udipi. This town has a large temple complex right in the centre and hundreds of pilgrims line up to enter the temples.

Pilgrims in Udipi

We spent 2 nights in Udipi and on our second day we went for a ride with our unloaded bikes to a fishing port that was close by. It was a hive of activity with the harbour full of bright purple boats being unloaded. Men were rushing around with large crates full of fish while the woman were sorting the large piles of fish.


busy fishing harbour.

Our next stop was Murudeshwara. This town is famous for the worlds second tallest Shiva statue. The statue is very imposing, sitting on a rocky outcrop overlooking the crowed beach. However, it was a great spot to just sit and watch the locals going about their daily life as the sun set, and eat Gobi Manchurian (Deep fried cauliflower), my favourite South Indian snack.

The worlds second tallest Shiva statue.

People watching on Murudeshwara beach.

We had high hopes for our next stop, Gokarna. There are many small temples here down interesting side streets and we decided to stay here 6 nights as we still had time to spare and liked the town so much.

Making friends with the holy cows in Gokarna.

The long stretch of beach in Gokarna was also nice for swimming. When we got bored of the beach there it was only a short walk over to the nearby beachs of Kudle or Om.

Gokarna beach.

Om beach.

Mark and I reluctantly set off and finally crossed into the state of Goa. We made our way to Polem, a town on the backpacker route for good reason. The picturesque palm tree lined beach was very clean and great for swimming. As it’s the off season it was quite and we got a great room for very little.

Polem beach.

We were very tempted so spend the rest of our time here but sadly we had to make our way up the coast a little more to our last stop, Colva.  Mark had to sell his bike and this was the best place for that as it close to a large city. Colva is not as nice as Gokarna or Polem and judging from the signs it must get a lot of Russian tourists in the peak season but once again it was quite.

Heading back from town with my bike box.

In the end Mark managed to sell his bike and I boxed mine up for the flight to the UK.  Our total distance was 2633km and our ride time for the 3 months was 165hr 54minutes.  It was a great adventure and one I will never forget.

Celebratory drink at the end of our trip.

That said, we’ve already got our next adventure lined up.  Lisa and I are headed to Iceland in a few days time, and I’ve convinced her to do it on bikes!  Stay tuned…

If you’ve not see the videos from our trip yet check them out on youtube Here

3 thoughts on “Beach hopping until the end.

  1. Fabulous Simply Fabulous Uncle. Vance

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  2. Love it ya bunch of hillbillies. At least you don’t look like a wannabe Forest Gump Lisa !!! Take care and enjoy the Uk and Iceland. Hear from you soon. xx


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