The Final Chapter of Our 41,000km Loop


Luke and I have been back in Grand Forks for just over a week  now, but we did stop and see a few nice places on our journey down through BC that we figured we’d share with you.


Western BC is home to many beautiful totem poles, but one of the best places to see some of the oldest ones is in Kitwanga.  We stopped here on a rainy morning to admire them before heading to Hazelton to see a few more.


Our next stop was Morristown where we’d heard that when the salmon are running here the First Nations people still catch them in their traditional way of anchoring themselves to the rocks then leaning out over the raging river with a net.  Also known as “idiot rock” by the locals, we did see two guys fishing this way, but nothing dramatic happened.  It was very entertaining to watch the salmon trying to leap up the waterfall though.

Dip netting Morristown

This day happened to be my birthday, so we figured we had better stop in Smithers, the little town where I was born.  It was pretty dead on a Sunday afternoon, but we had a quick look around before carrying on towards Babine Lake where we were hoping to catch my Aunt and Uncle at their cabin.  Our plans are day to day so we hadn’t let them know that we would be stopping by, but we were warmly welcomed and I even got birthday cake (and stole a little of the attention from the other 3 year old birthday girl).

Cabin at Babine Lake

That night it rained, and the next morning it was still raining, making the road into the cabin very slippery.  Our 2 wheel drive truck struggled under it’s heavy load and had to be pulled up the last little bit.  Then we were on our way to Prince George, where we had a couple relaxing days with family. (Luke still talks about your homemade pasta Auntie Barb!)

Our stuck truck

Leaving Prince George we headed south to Barkerville, an old gold mining town turned tourist destination.  We were unsure what to expect, at many of the historical sites in Canada they dress up in old timey costume and engage you with British accents, it’s a bit embarrassing.  Barkerville was no exception, but it was actually a very cool place.  We spent the day wandering the streets of this recreated town learning the history of the gold rush in BC and about the people who lived here.



Heading a bit further south we finally got the hot summer weather that we had been missing for the last couple weeks.  Kamloops is one of the hottest and driest places in BC.  We stayed for a couple of nights with some good friends before finishing our huge loop and ending up back in Grand Forks, where we have spent the last week swimming in the river and giving the truck and camper a good clean for it’s next adventure when Luke’s mum and stepdad join us in a couple of weeks.

Fun in Kamloops


One thought on “The Final Chapter of Our 41,000km Loop

  1. WOW what a trek!! Have been following along all the way… it almost, I say ‘almost’, felt like I was there with you!! 😉


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