A quick trip into Colorado

The Colorado National Monument is just over the Utah border, not far from Moab.  We decided to head there and see what it was, our guidebook didn’t mention it at all.

It’s a great little park, had a stunning scenic drive and good views over the canyons.  We decided that we must have become a little spoiled for scenery as we were not blown away by the sights as we would have been had this been the first canyon we had seen.  But we still enjoyed our day at the monument.

Colorado National Monument

From here we headed north towards Dinosaur National Monument.  Again there was nothing in our books about this place, but it was on our way, so we checked at the visitor center to see what it was about and decided it was worth a visit.

Luke with a bone

We arrived in the early evening and decided to splash out and stay at the $12 campsite in the park, a lovely little spot on the Green River.  The next morning we headed to the Quarry, a large building built around a wall of fossilised dinosaur bones.  It was actually really impressive to see them as they had been found.

Dinosaur National Monument

Finding these sorts of places is always a highlight for us, something we hadn’t heard about and stumble on by accident.

fossilised dinosaur bones

From here we headed north up to Wyoming through the Flaming Gorge Rec Area.  It was a lovely drive and we did get a few glimpses on the lake at the bottom of the gorge a few times.  We headed towards the lake on a little dirt road and were rewarded with a great campsite just beside the lake.

Flaming Gorge Rec Area

We had planned on spending a little more time in Colorado that just a couple days, but it seems our 3 months in the States is quickly drawing to a close.  With just over 2 weeks until Luke’s visa runs out we want to make sure that we have plenty of time to spend searching for wildlife in the northern parks.


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