Nevada – whatever you do, don’t go to Hoover Dam

We left the Grand Canyon and headed west on what little is left of Route 66 (just off the I-40), stopping at the very eclectic Hackberry General Store.  Cool vintage cars and an old garage along with whatever old appliances the owner could did up, like a ringer washer and oven range, dotted the yard around the shop.  Inside the store was just a bunch of tourist tack and a table with make your own instant coffee for a dollar.  But well worth a stop if you are at all interested in old rusty things (which we are).

Hackberry General Store

Hackberry General Store

As we were passing by the Hoover Dam on our way to Vegas we figured we’d stop and see what the fuss was all about.  We climbed the stairs to the bridge with hundreds of other people for a look at the dam from above and then joined a long queue of cars as we drove across the dam for a closer look.  At the end of the day it was a dam, maybe a little bigger than average, but we couldn’t see the appeal, and decided that maybe you have to be an American to appreciate it fully.

Hoover Dam

We did enjoy the rest of the day at Mead Lake, it was nice to cool off even if the reservoir wasn’t the easiest of places to swim.

And then Las Vegas.  I don’t think we would have gone out of our way to visit Sin City, but it is a place to experience.  We’d done a bit of research and found that you can park up for free at most of the casinos with big lots.  Bally’s was mentioned a few times, is only a block from the strip, and after checking with security we were indeed allowed to park there.

Las Vegas

Another reason I wanted to go to Vegas was that it worked out perfectly that we were passing through at the same time my mom and her sisters were there.  It was great to see them and drag them around the sights with us, as well as sneak into the pool at their hotel a few times!  Thanks again ladies for letting us crash your sister get away.

Las Vegas is a place that cannot be fully described, you have to walk the streets, see the casinos, experience the crowds, and feel the heat for yourself.  (And just a small disclaimer, the pictures of Vegas are all just my snaps with my little camera, not Luke quality!)


We left Vegas after 2 days feeling absolutely exhausted, and headed towards Utah.  We stopped for the night at a little wilderness area about 100 miles from Vegas and breathed in the cooler mountain air and enjoyed the lights of the stars and moon rather than neon billboards.

Random cute bunny at the campsite.


2 thoughts on “Nevada – whatever you do, don’t go to Hoover Dam

  1. Love the old general store! Those are our kinda places too 😉 Was so fun hanging with you guys, very happy it worked out that way! Happy trails…see you in June ! ♡♡


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