Don’t mess with Texas, and other travel tips

I’ll start off by saying that we didn’t really have much of a plan for seeing Texas besides getting to San Antonio to visit some good friends.  We did stop at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park for a quick hike before hitting the I-10 all the way to San Antonio.  It was a very long, very flat drive.  Texas is huge, and does not really make for interesting driving, except for all the brilliant wild flowers dotting the roadside.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

After 2 days and one horrible night at a truck stop we made it to San Antonio, a lovely city in the hill country with a beautiful river walk and an historic downtown.  Mark and Laura were fabulous tour guides and took us to all the sites, including the famous Alamo.  We learned that San Antonio is one of the top destinations for American tourists because of this old fort.

The Alamo

The population of San Antonio is about 70% Hispanic, so we enjoyed some amazing Mexican food while we were there.  We visited one of the old Spanish missions and finally got our bikes out for a good ride.  Luke also did some repairs on the truck, I did laundry, and we took advantage of a few days rest off the road.  Thanks again Mark and Laura for your hospitality!


We had a true southern experience one evening when we all headed to Floore’s Country Store, a bar where Willy Nelson used to play every Saturday night.  There was some amazing two step going on and we felt just a little out of place without cowboy hats and boots.

We headed north towards Amarillo, to see the one thing that I knew was an iconic Texas site, the Cadillac Ranch.  We’d read about a Bug Ranch that had sprung up on the old route 66 so we stopped there first.  We should have picked up a spray can to leave our mark, but both places were pretty cool to see.

Bug Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

























One of the ways that we manage to travel cheaply is by not paying for camping too often.  We do this by staying in the National Forests or on BLM land (which is like crown land, owned by the government).  However we couldn’t do this in Texas (nor did we dare considering the gun laws here), there was miles of fence along all the roads dotted only with the occasional herd of cows or oil drill.

Texas oil well

Now we’re heading back north into New Mexico and Arizona to see the Pueblos and the Canyons.


One thought on “Don’t mess with Texas, and other travel tips

  1. You’ll have to fill us in on the ‘horrible’ night, yikes!! We loved San Antonio…GREAT food there! 😉 Hear that we might see you in Vegas, fun! 🙂


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