Saying goodbye to the Oregon Coast

After our brief interlude to the hot springs in the interior we returned to the coast to finish the drive to California.  We’d read lots of good things about this stretch of highway 101 and were not disappointed.

Luke and I rejoined the coast highway in Bandon, a cheery little town whose streets we took the time to wander.  We’d stayed the night before at the State Park campground nearby so were feeling clean and presentable.  I’d read about a local delicacy to be found here, cheddar cheese fudge, at the Cranberry Sweets Shop.  We found, we bought, and then we tasted .  It smelled of cheese, was a scary bright orange, but tasted only of sugar.  I’m not sure what I expected, but it was all a bit wrong.  The saving grace was the shop itself, where everything else was out to be tasted (I should have known when it was the only item not sampled).  Needless to say we both felt ill after out visit there!

Cheese Fudge

Bandon also had a lovely little lighthouse at the mouth of the Coquille River.  We found our second lighthouse of the day at Cape Blanco, a slightly grander sight with a lookout our the cliffs.  From this point in the drive the road narrows and hugs the cliff, with many roadside turnouts to admire the waves crashing against the rocks below.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

Coquille River Lighthouse













We started our last day on the coast with a hike up Humbug Mountain, a 6 mile return journey climbing about 1700 feet.  We’d read that the view from the top was worth it, so up we went.  This unfortunately was another case of guidebook error, and I wonder if in fact the writer did climb the mountain or if he had just climbed it 20 years ago.  It was a good hike, good for me I kept telling myself, but trees had grown up and the top of the mountain was only a little clearing in the sun.  We took advantage of the sunshine at Arizona Beach where we had lunch after the climb and dried out some of our socks and undies washed at the campground the day before.

The last 12 miles of the Oregon Coast are a part of a Scenic Corridor, stunning views again.  We loved the Oregon Coast and could have spent more time here than the 7 days we did, but time to move on to California and the Giant Redwoods.


One thought on “Saying goodbye to the Oregon Coast

  1. Love the photo of you and Mr ( or Mrs ) Fudge. Its a nice shot of you but somewhat funny unless you know the story. I’m glad ( but worried for you guys ) to hear that the lonely liar strikes again. I bet ya half these ravel writers just do it for the perks of travelling and rarely update certain things like 6 mile hike lookouts !! They probably update the selection of the gelato bar and greasy cafes in town – where there fat arses get a free coffee and cake !!! Arghh ha ha ha .

    I skimmed over the photos at first and thought that the photo of Luke sitting on the bench drying his sexy undies on his lonesome ( what;s new !! ) was a bit suss. I thought he had a can of beer on the table until I realised that it was just boring water . All good. I see he hid his bra and gstrings for the photo though !! Pretending to be all clean cut but still a dirty perve at heart !!!

    Enjoy California guys. Speak soon x


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