On the road again.

We are finally on the road, again.  Luke and I left Grand Forks on a sunny, unusually warm February afternoon and headed west towards the coast.  We had decided that the best way to test out our little camper would be a night in Manning Park.  Southern BC has been very warm for this time of year so much of the snow is gone, but we managed to find quite a bit in the park.  Manning has winter camping areas and the Lightening Lakes were still completely frozen.

Lightening Lake in winter.

Although very warm for February, the temperature still dropped down to below freezing as the sun was setting.  This is when Luke realised that the heater he thought he had fixed was in fact not working.  He spent the next hour tinkering away and as usual was able to get it going.  So we had a toasty first night in the camper.

Heater being fixed

The next day we walked around the lakes on very well groomed trails.  There were a few other people up snowshoeing and cross country skiing but it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Our camp spot.

Our next stop is somewhere near Seattle, see you in the USA!


One thought on “On the road again.

  1. Awesome to hear from you both once again. Safe travels on the road and see you eventually in Sydney !!!! ( Maybe not with the camper though !! ) ANd very becoming of Luke donning a shade of green puffer jacket. I hear green is the new black !!!! Arghh ha ha ha . Nah really – love it Lukey – brings out the colour in your eyes !! Love ya’s – Jeff x


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