City Skyline

While Luke and I do not always relish the idea of spending a lot of time in cities we have been able to find many beautiful spots to explore while staying in the Vancouver area.  Vancouver would probably not be considered a big city on the world scale, but it can take over an hour to go 20km in rush hour, so for us it’s big.

We have spent the majority of our time in Surrey, hosted by my amazingly generous cousins Angela and Rick and their family.  Every city we have ever been to always has some sort of park or garden, and Surrey seems to have an abundance.  We found a giant redwood park, land that had been planted with trees from around the world by brothers in the 1800’s, as well as a park where we watched salmon struggling up the small creek to their final spawning site.  We could hear the coyotes howl at night and saw birds and squirrels in abundance.  Not too bad for city living!




We did spend a week in downtown Vancouver where we explored Stanley Park and Granville Island, iconic spots not to be missed on a trip here.  Some old family friends took us out their boat and we got a whole new appreciation of the beauty of this city.  Luke was able to get out on his bike and find some perfect vantage points for city photos.



One of our favourite hikes has been on Sumas Mountain, near Abbotsford.  We hiked in on what seemed to be a relatively new trail to a little lake through misty, mossy forests.

Being so near the ocean the weather down in the lower mainland is normally wet and grey, but we have been very lucky to have had so many sunny days.  The rain seems to have settled in this week though.  At the moment we are house sitting a place in the city until the end of December, although Luke is now heading off to England to spend Christmas with his family.




























Wishing you all a very happy Christmas!  May the season be bright and merry wherever you are.


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