Mooseless hunt.

Its over 1000km from Grand Forks to our hunting spot at Babine lake where the 6 of us where staying. There was Rick (Lisa’s dad), 3 of her uncles, Dan, Rob and David,  and her cousin Dennis. They used to hunt further north, but as they’re getting old they decided they liked the comfort of Dan’s cabin over camping these days and I can understand why after hearing about one year when it got down to -17c when they were out.

Dan’s Cabin.

Night at the cabin.











Our day would start at 6am with a coffee before splitting into pairs and heading of in our trusty hunting wagons. We would then drive down old logging roads searching the edge of the old cut blocks for anything black that resembled a moose. Some of these road where very unused with dug out channels and streams crossing but we never got stuck, much to my surprise. If we couldn’t get through in the truck we would get out and walk to the end of the block.

The hunting wagons.

On the hunt for Moose.











We would head back to the cabin for lunch and a catch up with the others in the hope that someone would need help to recover a kill. After lunch and a sleep by the camp fire we would do it all again until it got dark. This went on for 6 days and most of the time someone would have seen a cow moose with a calf but we where only allowed to shoot a bull. On the 3rd day Rick and David returned to say they had see a bull and both had missed. This turned out to be the only chance we had all week of getting one.


Sunrise from the cabin.


Thanks guys for having me along and hope you have better luck next year.



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