Tiki Tour in the New Truck

After picking up Luke in Vancouver we drove out of the city as quickly as one can in a big truck at 4 in the afternoon, cursing the GPS when he insisted on taking us the wrong way down a one way street… I was relieved once we got onto the sea to sky highway, one of the most scenic roads I’ve been on, with a bit less traffic. Our campsite at Porteau Cove was surprisingly busy for an October weekend, but the mild weather and amazing location right on Howe Sound made it a perfect first stop, not even ruined by the train that rumbled past at some ungodly hour.

We traveled from there to Squamish where Luke re-assembled his bikes in anticipation of a couple days of riding before winter. His first ride proved to be too much for his newly functioning left hand and he dislocated his shoulder after going over the handlebars. Lucky for him there were a couple of doctors not too far behind and they managed to put it back into place. (There was apparently a video taken of the event, will post it if we get it at some point.) However, there ends the dream of riding for the next couple of months. Thanks Sue and Sean for your hospitality those couple of days!


Misty Morning in Squamish.

Misty Morning in Squamish.


From Squamish we carried on up the Duffy Lake Road, stopping at Joffre Lake for the night.


Evening at Joffre Lake.

Evening at Joffre Lake.


I highly recommend a drive up this route, beautiful lakes, scenic windy roads, and stunning canyons around Lillooet. We stayed the night with friends in Kamloops (thanks Andrea and Casey for accommodating our very last minute plans!).

Our next stop was Adams River to see the Salmon Run. Every 4 years the Salmon make a huge turn out here to spawn, we were there a bit early, but it was still an incredible sight to see. Bright red fish crowding the river, waiting for a chance to get back to their birth place to start the cycle over again.


Spawning Salmon

Spawning Salmon

Adams river salmon run

Adams river salmon run


At this point we have yet to acquire the kind of map book that we are normally used to traveling with. So our basic BC map showed us that there was a road going up to the top of Shuswap Lake and around the other side. The road did indeed go up and we found a lovely campsite at Silver Beech, had the place all to ourselves. The next day we attempted to find the road that went down the other side. After a few hours of getting lost down random logging roads we gave up and went back the way we came. A later check confirmed our suspicions that this fantom road did not in fact connect. Still an adventure though, dreading a confrontation with a logging truck around each corner, watching the compass eagerly when we seemed to be going in the right direction.


Silver Beech, Shuswap Lake


On our last day in this journey we sailed across Upper Arrow Lake to Galena Bay on the free ferry and made our way to Grand Forks. This part of the drive was made spectacular by all the fall colours, and I always feel happy on the road that leads to my home in this part of the world.

Galena Bay ferry

Galena Bay ferry


One thought on “Tiki Tour in the New Truck

  1. Welcome ‘home’ Luke! Nice first day back, dislocate your shoulder?!? Only you!! 😉 Beautiful pictures and great idea Lis, love the blog!!


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