The start of something new

We’ve decided that this might be an easy way for friends and family to keep track of us over the next while.  Basically we’re on the move until our travel funds dry up, so time yet to be determined!  Luke and I have bought ourselves an old truck and camper and plan to make our way by road around North America to start with.  We’ll try and keep you entertained with beautiful pictures and tales of our travels.

Lisa and Luke x

Our new home.



2 thoughts on “The start of something new

  1. Wow – cool guys. Awesome photos – love the Salmon Run – have known about it for ages – super excited for you both. I’ve meant to email you for a while Lisa – not gonna believe it ? After you left Syd earlier in the year – I found another Ehtiopian Restaurant just a few suburbs away from where I live. It’s actually in Merrylands – where my Grandmother lives and I discovered it on a walk of the main road one day. It seems like the Ethiopian community has made it their new home as well – it used to be just a Middle Eastern haunt. Even the little local grocers have Injeera bread etc.

    Anyways – I’ve just got back from doing a trip with Brendan – I was really proud of him doing the full package of driver – guide and cook. We had a great time – a 10 day trip from Darwin to Alice Springs. It was a good break – and I got sunburnt for the first time in about 5 years !!!

    Anyways – keep on truckin guys – love the new home. Hope all is well with your arm Luke – trust you ya numpty for screwing the recovery up again !!! And hope all is better with the family Lisa. Brendan mentioned you guys and hope your brother is doing better.

    Take care and speak soon – Jeff x


  2. Hi. Love the photos and posts, and welcome you to visit us when you come to the Rockies. Elk Lakes Provincial Park appeals to the adventurous more than Banff, as it is similar, but not a commercialized tourist stop. This is indeed the Wilderness Capital of BC, and begs you to experience this natural beauty.


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